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Leading Your Boerboelboerboel and bike

The boerboel pack leader

Dogs follow direction from a human being because of its instinct to follow a pack leader. Wild canines such as wolves live in packs. Among the pack members is a definite hierarchical structure with one leader, leadership is held by the most dominant individual in the pack.

Each individual holds a particular "rank" in the pack. Your puppy associates your family as his new pack. This is his second pack experience. His first was with his mother and litter mates His mother was the most dominant pack member. Each puppy maintained a position in the hierarchy.

boerboel and girlDeveloping your boerboel's personality

If allowed to do whatever it wants, your puppy will naturally assume the role of pack leader. By the time your dog is eighteen months to two years old, it will have developed its full adult personality. If it reaches this stage assuming it is the pack leader, the dog will probably resist training and you will have a very difficult time training it. How large a leadership problem you have with your dog is determined by two factors:

  1. How dominant your dog's temperament is, and
  2. How assertive you are as an individual.

    If you are naturally an assertive person and your dog is submissive by nature, you may never experience a problem. If however, you have a dominant dog, and you are inconsistent, extremely indulgent, and a non-disciplinarian, you may have a big problem convincing your dog that YOU are the PACK LEADER. boerboel

The dog will assert its dominance and walk all over you. A dog will respond to each person according to how that person presents himself to the dog. That is why you must train your own dog, rather than send it to a training establishment where they train the dog for you.

Proper boerboel discipline

If you hit or kick the dog it will learn that you are stronger and more dominant, but it will also learn to fear and distrust you. Firmness combined with consistency are very important in establishing pack leadership. If you are inconsistent it is a sign of weakness and your dog will test you.

Boerboel training

Obedience training is not all force and dominance. Canine pack leaders also show affection towards their followers. This is why it is important to praise your dog and show it that its obedient behavior is pleasing to you. More than anything else proper OBEDIENCE TRAINING will serve to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.


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