Retha E-mail address:

Retha Skype name/address: rethabooysen10

Retha Booysen will carry on with the breeding of my boerboels. She is absolutely devoted to the Boerboel dog and a caring breeder. She is the most suited person to take over from me - I will still be available for chats and advice. It has been a long and happy journey for me with the Boerboel and meeting so many friends all over the world. Attie Badenhorst.

Puppies of Netta and Wikus born 24 July and Miemie and Wikus born 27 July

Griet Born 23 April 2014

Witvoet Born 29 June 2013

Blommie Born 7 May 2013

Piet (Male 2) Born 23 September 2013

Ben (Male 1) Born 23 September 2013


Miley Puppies were born 5 June 2014

Miley (Female 4) Born 5 June 2014

Miley (Female 3) Born 5 June 2014

Miley (Female 2) Born 5 June 2014

Miley (Female 1) Born 5 June 2014

Miley (Male 1) Born 5 June 2014

Miley (Male 2) Born 5 June 2014

Retha E-mail address:

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