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Many of my clients throughout the world often send me photos of their new pets in action at home or busy with training.
I will be displaying those pics here.

Baden Zeus belongs toTony & Alexis Mazotti of
Albuquerque, Denver, USA

Baden Justice belongs to Caro Boudrea of Canada
Good Morning,

I apologize for not sending updates on a more regular basis, Justice has been doing well. We are currently working on obtaining his Bh in Schutzhund , so far we have had a few obstacles to overcome but otherwise all is well. I manage an armored car facility here and having Justice has been extremely beneficial. Most people are not interested in arguing once they see him.
I sent in a reservation form for another puppy from your kennels I was looking for a female that has a similar look, I am hoping to have a nice brace when they are both mature.
I have attached a couple of photos taken the other day of Justice.
Carol Boudreau
Georgetown, ON

Baden Max belongs to Sacha Stel of California, USA

Hi Attie,
Here is another picture of 13months. How is Daniel doing...any pictures of him?
Please feel free to put MAx picture on your website ...thanks again.
I also have a picture of Max and Frank(the dog you sent to Niki and Jason) fighting over a toy. Frank is going to be a big boy...he is already 80lbs at 4.5 months!!
Sacha Stel

Hi Attie

These pictures were taken at 1 year. Kapono is such a character and we are enjoying him immensely. I will be taking him over to the local Schutzhund club this weekend for the resident trainer to have a look see. They have never seen a "real live Boerboel" so it will be a great pleasure to show him off. My real intention is to begin some formal training with him. He has a lot of heart! I will let you know how it goes.

As always, thank you for all you do. Once I get Kapono officially started I may be interested in a female. How did the Dikkes pups turn out? (You know I am partial to Madala though)

Take good care,

Baden Diego

I have attached a couple photos of Diego with my son Tyler. As you can see, he has a fabulous disposition - he is wonderful with the kids! He usually sleeps with Tyler on his twin bed, however, he has been known to stretch in the middle of the night accidentally pushing Tyler onto the floor! He really is quite the character and always has to be right next to us. Even if we go right next door to my brother-in-laws house for a minute, he will sit at the fence and howl-such a lonely howl too!! He is very spoiled!

Take care,

Baden Diego with the Becker family in the USA
Hello Attie,

I am glad you liked the photos. Thank you for your kind words. I think of you and your family often and always mean to send more pictures of Diego, but get tied up, especially with the holidays approaching!! (Well, my youngest has her birthday on Dec. 21st and then my other daughter has her birthday on the 9th of January so it is a very busy time of year for us!!) I will keep you updated on Diego - he is such a wonderful dog! I am so thankful to have found him, thanks to your wonderful website! So, of course, I do not mind that you put the photo on your website - the kids will love that!

Take Care,



Attached are a couple of photos of Baden Java: 7 months 110lbs. Java and my wife April in the first picture.(sleeping after a hard day of playing)..and Java standing alone. He is doing great and everyone continues to love him.

Steve Ritchie


hello attie,

this is baden blue at the pool...thanks he is a great dog.

carl reinhardt


Hi Attie,
How are you?
Long time haven't talked to you. We had a mini birthday party with Jumbo in 2 weeks ago. He is 1 year old now, healthy and happy. 27inchs height and weight around 136lbs.
He is still friendly with other dogs unless the other dogs start aggrassive first. He is quite obedient and protective. He is a star in my area.
Owen of Hong Kong

Baden Simbare belongs to Dave of Schenectady, NY and the two lovely children are Calynn and Brenna.


Baden Max belongs to Sacha Stel and his charming wife in the USA.
"Hi Attie,
Here is max at 6.5 months weighing in at 86lbs. Please feel free to put his picture on your website...I am sure he would be happy to have his picture on our great website.
Sacha Stel, USA
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