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new owners had to say below.

Dearest Attie

Just wanted to send you a picture of Chef and I at our first

Test / Competition.

It’s a test which all dogs have to pas so that they can qualify to take part in dog sport.

We passed the test and are now allowed to take part in competitions here in Germany.

Lots of Love,


6 May 2012


28th September Chef is going to take part in his first outward competition in the sport “Obedience”.





Well we have had our puppy for a few weeks and we love him. He's absolutely gorgeous. He has helped roof a shop, paint a garage, and anything else he can think of. At one of our houses they were reroofing the workshop and he went over and helped (actually he was in an exercise pen) but the four college students that live in the house found much time to play with him. My brother in law was watching him for us while he was painting his garage so he was watching him do that. He slept his first couple of nights sleeping in the recliner with me. He came almost house trained and is just about there. The Labradors love him, the Norfolk Terrier hates him.

He is gorgeous but strong willed. A.J. prefers to call it decisive, I call it hard headed. He goes absolutely beserk if you try to put him in a crate. I can understand after that long flight over here. So he has the foyer of the house as his. It has a crate in it just in case but no doubt he has no desire to be in there with the door open or shut. He goes everywhere with us. He has a seat belt that he rides in. It's hard to think of him as a puppy with that size. A squirrel committed suicide on the electric lines the other day over our backyard. I almost had to call out the National Guard to get it away from him.

My niece and her husband have tried to take him to live at their house. My Brother-In-Law wants him to live with them. But he just wants to live with his Mommy. He and I are very close. Of course, he is all into A.J. who takes him out at 2:30 a.m. for bathroom walks. Oh, I forgot he as been a lot of help working in our flower garden.

We named him Mr. Uriah pronounced (U-rah). We just love him. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Brenda Durbin and A.J. McPhate. USA

May 2011




We continue to appreciate this great dog - he is a very good companion of the entire family!


May 2011


Ziggy enjoying the tender love and care of pretty little Linus

we went camping last year and Ziggy was not so happy with the temperatures.. but Oskar and Linus kept him company:



Oskar and Linus have a shining moment together with Ziggy.



Hi Attie,
Here are some pictures of our new pup Kimba with grandaughter Alexa.
She was checked out fine with our vet. and starts puppy school in a week or so.
At ten weeks she seems to be the boss of our two much older shepherds.
She is at 24 lbs. now and has good sleeping and eating habits. Everything
is working out better than expected. Thanks so much and I will send pictures later
when she is a little older.

May 2011


Alexa with Kimba


Hello Attie,

We took Aziza to an appraisal during the North American Tour 2010. She did well with a score of 85%. She looks just like Mitzi. When we take her on walks in public places, you can hear people saying “ooh, look at the dog, she looks like a tiger”. Aziza loves to stalk and has a nose like a bloodhound. She would make a fine tracking dog. In my humble opinion, she was by far the nicest female at the appraisal. I must not be wrong because…TAHDAH…. she got a ribbon for highest score of the day! The judges (1 from Sweden and 2 from South Africa) were very complimentary of her personality and her obedience. The USA coordinator called Aziza a red brindle. She said she loved the color and they rarely see one so rich. We will do another appraisal this year. I expect her score to increase as she fills out more. Attached are pictures from the Christmas snow.

Many thanks,

Lindsay and Clay Harrison

Jefferson GA.

February 2011



Hi Attie
Chef, 6 months,40 kg.
His first winter.
Luv Freia

January 2011

Chef in Germany


Dear Attie,

We have a real winter here in Moscow – check the attached pictures out.



1 December 2010




Hi Attie,

This is Jim's wife, Maria. Jim asked me to send photos of our puppy, we named her Nala. She is the most wonderful puppy we ever had! She is a great listener and is already housebroken. She loves our pug, Minnie and they play nice together. She gives our family so much joy. We thank you for such a beautiful puppy. She is now 4 months old and 53lbs already. I think she looks a lot like her father Wikus but does have Tessa's eyes. What do you think? We will keep in touch with updated photos....

Maria :-)

9 Desember 2010



Hi Attie!

I wanted to let you know that the male puppy from Marge and Wikus's litter is doing fine! He is almost house broken and going through normal puppy habits. However his size does not say 5 month old puppy....he's at least 55 lbs by now. We love to see him grow! He is going for his last set of shots on Tuesday and is getting use to his new toys, big comfy bed and tons of love that everyone is giving him. I've attached some pictures of him at home and at his new found puppy park playing with friends. As you will see he really doesn't mind a bath when he gets rocked and cuddled after. Take care!

Jen and Allen Polmann




Attie –

I wanted to let you know that the puppy arrived and everything is good. I appreciate your help and guidance.

Wes Waddell





Greetings! I'm a friend of Steph's & she wanted that I should let you know her pup has arrived safe & sound. She's having computer problems, so isn't able to contact you herself although I'm sure she'll drop you a line as soon as she gets her stuff straightened out.

As an aside, I had the privilege to work a bitch from you (Baden Remy) in protection, many years ago. She was one of the nicest Boerboels we've worked, & my best protection dog is a son of her's.. Kala is probably the most-titled Boerboel in the world. If nothing else, he has a *Perfect* temperament & has been a great working dog -I've taken him to work with multiple Police Departments here in the DC Metro area, & have won nearly every Protection Tournament I've put him in, even competing against more traditional breeds.
Sadly, he's getting old & has been retired now.. even though I doubt I'll ever see another working mastiff near his incredible caliber, he is a much-treasured companion.
I always enjoy hearing about dogs I have produced, & thought you might enjoy hearing about Remy.. anything you might be able to share about either of her parents would be most appreciated!
Hope all is well with you & your's, Tashi


Stephanie Slater, New York. 22 July 2010. Puppy Custos

This pic was taken in the local gas station.. He was snoozing in my lap on Wednesday night after picking him up.

Little Custos arrived without a hitch on wednesday. He is so beautiful!! Thank you so much for blessing me with such a sweet and smart dog. He is almost completely housebroken Already! I attached a picture from my phone i took at work . I hope you like it..
Love you,


Hi Attie...
Sorry I haven't gotten you a picture of Barkley until now.

You won't believe this, but we just came home from a Vet visit and he weighs 80.6 pounds!!!

He is the MOST wonderful dog and has fit right into our family and the neighborhood. Everyone that sees him goes crazy!!! He is sooooooo sweet, has the BEST disposition and loves our kids.

We all love him sooooooo much and are so happy he came to us. THANK YOU!!!

Hope you are well!!!

All the Best...
Gretchen Jordan

26th May 2010



Hi Attie!

Nesta arrived yesterday. Delta kept her overnight in Atlanta and shipped her yesterday instead of the 19th. After several hours of dealing with customs we were able to get her out. El Salvador customs is unbelievable! I took more time to get her out of customs than the flight from Atlanta. She's now here with us and she looks very happy. She wags here tail and is adapting very well. When we got home she ate a nice portion of ground beef and a meaty collar bone...she hasn't finished that yet...
She is very social and familiar, she already met almost all the family and we are so excited to have her home! I think she is a little jetlag still, which makes her sleepy in the afternoons.
Thank you so much for our lovely dog!


22nd May 2010




Hello Attie,

We just wanted to send you a few pictures of our wonderful puppy. We love him. We don't know what our life would be without him. He is truly taken in as a family member. His is wonderful with children and has a perfect temperament. He loves to meet and greet people. We ALWAYS get compliments on his appearance. He was born Feb. 27, 2009. These pictures were taken around his 1st birthday he is weighing around 120lbs. We take him to our family ranch he loves the interaction between the other animals and the other dogs. We couldn't ask for anything more in a dog. Thank you again. We are so happy.

Thank you,
Breann Moen
1st May 2010



Hello Attie,

It has been a while since we have had the chance to speak. Just wanted to
send you some updated pictures of Tjaka. He is almost 2.5 years old. He is
the centre of everyone's world and quite enjoys that status :)

Thank you again.

Toronto, Canada



Hi Attie,
We got our first snow in 10 years. Here are two pictures of vena with my mother.








Hi Mkulu, I write this E-mail with a joy,I just want to thank you for such a nice Boerboel. She is so friendly towards my family and she gives my yard such a dignity. I've given her the name of Bobby and she responds attentively to it. Regards Vusi.


16 February 2010



Hi Attie:

We recently celebrated Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and my family is thankful that we purchased our Boerboel pup "Nelson" from Attie Badenhorst. Nelson will be 4 months old on 12/25 Christmas Day, and he is growing fast. He now weighs over 45 lbs (20 kg). He eats very healthy (no table scraps), and his favorite daily meal is raw chicken. Everyone comments on how gorgeous and calm he is. He loves to play and has his rowdy puppy moments, but most of the time he acts extremely mature for 3 1/2 months. His temperament is impeccable!

He has slept every night beside my bed and has not gone to the bathroom in the bedroom for over a month. He is almost completely house broken and rarely has an accident in the house. When you shipped him and said that he had never been on a leash, I was a little worried. However, from the first day he arrived, he has been perfect on a leash, and he enjoys our daily walks. I only use the leash when we leave our 3 acres. I do not even need a leash on our property, because he always stays close to me. I was apprehensive about buying a puppy sight unseen from so far away, but Nelson has far exceeded all of my hopes. His protective instincts are already showing when a stranger approaches too quickly. Otherwise, he is very friendly with people.

Below are some pictures of Nelson and some of his playmates. Thank you very much Attie. We love Nelson, and you can rest assured that he has a great home.


Kent Witt


Baden Nelson and playmate



Nelson is outstanding! To state that his temperament is impeccable is an understatement. My wife and I have never seen a calmer puppy at his age. He stays close to me, and he is very relaxed even when I am working with noisy tools like electric drills and saws. He took a nap beside me, while I was working noisely on the fence for his dog run.

The enclosed photos show his progress. He had his first trip to the vet on 10/23, and I forgot my camera. He weighed 18.6 lbs, and the vet said he was very heatlhy. He is also a very quick learner, and he is practically house broken in just a few days. He is even doing terrific walking on a leash. That takes a little more patience, so I am only leash walking him 2 or 3 times a day for about 10 minutes each time with treats.

The nights are rough but things are improving. He sleeps on a blanket on the floor next to my bed, so I have to keep a flash light and coat handy to take him outside during the night. When he is a little older and can contain himself longer, he can sleep where he feels most comfortable, except on the beds or the furniture. I will send you updates from time to time. We are extremely proud of Nelson, and you should be also!


Kent Witt , USA



Baden Nelson

Ruka is settling in just fine. Here are some recent pictures.
Take care,
Britt & Ty




I have attached a few photos of Jock!

Christina, USA




I wanted to send a little note to let you know how good our pup 'Saxon' is doing. He is well beyond our expectations to the point of possibly being the best dog on the planet. We've had him for about 10 months now (100 pounds); he puts on about 10 pounds a month. I think that my wife Addie and Saxon fell in love with eachother the instant the airport staff rolled his crate out. He's recently graduated his obedience school & is the star of the show where ever we take him. He has zero aggression toward people or other animals, except for the moles & squirrels in the backyard, but his bark is loud & deep enough to do an effective job at guarding. My worry of him attacking our cats was put to bed after one good swat to the nose & now they're all best friends. I really cant say enough good things about this dog & everyone he meets wants to know where he came from. When doing research about the breed people said 'Once a boerboel, always a boerboel' & it's true for my wife & me. There is no way we'd get another boerboel from anyone but you. Thank you again for answering all my bothersome e-mails - You told me not to worry & now I know I didnt need too. We've sent some pictures of Saxon since he's been with us. You'll hear from us in a few months when it's time to get him a playmate (I'm sure you'll get some more e-mails in helping me pick the right friend for him). Hope all is well.

Joseph -



Hi Attie

Just wanted to let you know that Baden Lucille "Lucy" is doing good. She appears to be a very stable and good-natured puppy. This is a picture of Lucy with my wife three days after arriving at our home. Lucy's favorite member of our family is my five year old son. She wags her entire body every time she sees him.




Hi Attie! It's Jessica from Bigfork, Montana, USA. I just wanted to update you on Barkley, now 2 1/2 years old and over 150 pounds. He is doing GREAT. He is my constant shadow when I am outside the house, even leaving the other dogs (and even food!) if I am out and about in the yard. He will accompany me to the hen house to check for eggs and patiently waits outside the door for me to check on my chickens and gather eggs. He will occasionally get an egg as a treat, I think that's a big reason he comes along! In the house, his favorite place to be is stretched out on the living room floor. He rarely comes into my room but recently when the service man came to install another connection in my home office for the internet, Barkley came back here and laid down between me and the service man and did not take his eyes off him the entire time. I was amazed as I did not call him back here with me. I guess he just felt better being back here with me.

Occasionally Barkley comes to town with me and he never fails to get attention, which he loves. He is very mellow and will lie down at my feet (usually ON my feet!) and soak in all of the attention as if he were the king of his own little world.

I just wanted to let you know that Barkley is such a perfect dog for me and I feel safe with him here and he is loved and adored by our family and friends and admired by strangers.

Attie, thanks again for choosing such a wonderful pup for me. I love him very much and he is my "little" baby!
Jessica Jochen
Bigfork, MT
10 August 2009





Dear Attie,
I just wanted to let you know that Nina is doing fantastically well and has exceeded our wildest dreams in every way. Of course, she is stunningly beautiful, but we are shocked at what she can do.
Nina has: 1) No indoor accidents, as of two days ago. (We have been kind, but vigilant in taking her out and teaching her to tell us when she needs to go. We follow the guidelines from your website and are never harsh or angry with her.)
She knows and consistently can:
2) Sit
3) Stay
4) Come
6) knows No, and always complies immediately!
7) Quiet
7) she knows Speak, which is a crowd pleaser!
It is all so cute; I promise to send video when I can.

After the second day she slept through the night. She voluntarily goes in her crate at the appropriate times. She loves to go to shops and ride in cars. She walks on the lead well and almost heels correctly all the rime. She loves the cats (and it's mutual, which is bizarre to us!) and she is best friends with our formerly grumpy middle-aged dachshund. It sounds like too much to be believed, but she has actually cheered our entire household up. She loves the children and they are crazy about her. Everywhere we go people stop to ask us about and/or compliment her. It is ridiculous!

So you have given us the perfect Boerboel and we cherish her and THANK YOU from the bottoms of our hearts!!
I'll keep you posted.
Kindest Regards,







HI, how are you? I am attaching a head shot of Jock that someone took. I hope you like it! So many people love him when they meet him. I almost feel as if I should have some business cards of yours so I can hand them out. Everyone wants to know where he came from and who the breeder is!




Hi, I am sending you some pictures of Jock! This is his first swim in the “big” pond! Thanks, Christina - USA

Here is a picture of Jock catching us dinner!




Hello Attie,

Once again I would like to thank you for sending us this fantastic puppy.
We have named him Tjaka. At 4months and 1 week his weight is 56lbs. He is
a very well natured dog.

I have attached a few pictures.

Thank you,

Rupinder S. Ubbi

Baden Tjaka at 4 months - 25 March 2008 - North York, Ontario


Attie --
Couldn't wait to write to you and let you know what a wonderful puppy Brando you've blessed us with! He is extraordinary! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
"Brando" landed at Boston's Logan airport right on schedule late on a Sunday evening (2 weeks ago). The next day he awoke to 14" of new snow and we didn't know how he would react to it coming from the summer in South Africa -- BUT HE LOVES THE SNOW! We have a hard time getting him out of it.
He's adjusted very well and loves his "big sister" Stella -- an 18 month old Bull Mastiff. They really love each other already and play together a good part of the day. He's been wonderful for her. She's much more active and now acts like a puppy all over again.
We take him everywhere we go because we know how important it is to socialize these dogs early. He's been walking with us on crowded city streets, at hospitals, out in the woods, etc. He loves people and they love him right back. And he's very good with other dogs he meets along the way.
We're amazed at how smart Brando is, too. At just 3-months (and only two weeks with us) he's already house broken, knows how to sit, lie down, stay, and is a the top of his puppy kindergarten class. Attie, we've been around dogs all our lives, raised many puppies and have shown many dogs, but we have to say that this puppy is truly amazing.

Right now he's growing pretty steadily -- he's almost 39 pounds and seems to be geting taller every day. I think he will be a big boy like his father Umfan.
I'm sending some photos of Brando and Stella in a separate email to keep the files smaller. We plan to keep you updated with his progress.
Thank you again. You've made us very happy.
Hope all is well with you, and please keep in touch.
God bless.
Rick & Debbie DeBonis
Southampton, Massachusetts, USA

Baden Brando's first day at home with Debbie -

13th January 2008


Hi Attie,

In my previous e-mail I mentioned that we were in the middle of a blizzard when Hodor's plane arrived to Boston. He had no trouble landing, but for the first 24 hours he was very upset about how cold it was outside and didn't want to step on the snow. However, he's really turned around. He loves playing in the snow now that he knows he'll get to warm up in front of the fireplace after the play. I really couldn't be more happy with his temperment. He loves everyone he meets, and he is always very excited to play with any other dog (no matter their size or sex). Thank you so much for sending me such a great puppy. We start obedience school in 2 weeks, and I'll update you when I see how he does with that.

Steven in Boston

18 December 2007


Hi Attie!
Barkley's vet appointment went very well today. They were all
excited to see how much he had grown in such a short time. On Feb. 20, he weighed 26.4 pounds and today, March 14, he weighed 41 pounds even. He was funny today too. Last time, he just laid on the table and seemed to sleep through his exam and had NO reaction whatsoever to his shots.
Today, however, he was playful, trying to chew on the vet tech's arms, clothes, whatever he could get his mouth on. He even growled when he got his first shot today! It was quite amusing! for his other shots, he was distracted by a treat and seemed not to notice at all.
He is quite fearless when it comes to playtime in the
evenings. I just love him. He is quite spoiled, but not rotten. David was chastising me for letting him ride in the front seat of the car. I don't even let my kids ride in the front seat!

I hope things are going well with you and your family.

Jessica with Barkley near Seattle, USA



Hello Attie,
Just realized I've been sending email to the wrong address, just an update on Envy, she's phenomenal. I get so many compliments where ever we go, I'm always giving out your website. You have truly mastered the boerboel breed, she's the best dog in the world, to us anyway…here are a few pics, she got a steak for dinner on her B-day in August & she absolutely loves my dad…..xoxo to you & the family.

Feel free to use any of the pics…

Rosina Barrasso
Boston, MA


Hello Attie,
Baden Mollie is very well. She weights 15kg already and she is a very athletic Boerboel. She can move very fast for it's age, and she is extremely strong, in my opinion.
I would like to know if every thing is ok with your pregnant females, and when are you expecting the puppies to be born.

I am really amazed with Mollie, and I am looking forward to see the daughter of Umfaan, which is one of my favourite males among the Boerboel breed.

I attached some pictures of Mollie, although I will send you some more later, with better quality.

Hope everything is ok with you, your family and your dogs.
KIndest regards,



April 23, 2006

Hello Attie,
This is a short note to tell you about the male Boerboel pup I recieved from you December 23, 2005.
At the outset, I was very apprehensive about transacting business on a live animal via the internet with an unknown person a continent and hemisphere away.
The pup did arrived in Atlanta as agreed and instantly bonded with me. According to your report of his birth date he will be 7 months old April 28th, 2006.
I asked you for a Boerboel pup that may develop into a adult dog with a companion/pet temperament. He is certainly doing that.I am pleased with my new Boerboel. Everyone I know and encounter praise him without exception including the vets.
At this point, I would not hesitate to obtain another Boelboel companion/pet pup from you.
You may use me for a reference if you desire.

Dennis Mayhew Sr.


Baden The Giant is a son out of Umfaan and Carli

Dear Attie,
Many thanks for the photos of the "Giant". My family and I enjoyed looking at the photos time and again. Thank you very much.
Kindest regards.
Weng Sum Foong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Hello Attie,

I hope all is well with you & your family. I finally got around to
downloading some pictures of Envy, she is so beautiful & Sweet. She brings a lot of love & laughter to our family, she has a wonderful temperament. Although she thinks she's light as a feather as she plops 38 pounds into your lap at 15 weeks old. The vet gave her a clean bill of health just yesterday :-) She's going to be a Big Girl !!! Envy has started her training
w/ K-9 Performance, one of the top 3 best canine schools in New England, her trainer also trained another Baden Boerboel, Sid from New York. His pictures are on your website.
I will send you more photo's as she grows....feel free to post them on your website....Compliments to you & the Baden Boerboel family for breeding such magnificent
creatures !!
We wish you & your family a Safe & Happy Holiday Season....
Rosina Fabbo & Paul Barrassso
Boston, MA 02116

Baden Ja Ja belongs to Deric and Christa Crawford of Southern California.

"She is 75 lbs. at 5 months and is already showing her protective instincts. I took her to meet my family this past weekend and everyone just loved her. Every time I take her out people are commenting “what a great looking puppy”. Thank you, Attie very much for your efforts."

Kindest Regards,



Baden Tonka and Baden Zeus belongs to Tony and Alexis Mazotti of Albuquerque, USA

Hi Attie! I just wanted to thank you again so much for all of your help getting Tonka here to the states safely. She is such a great little girl and she and Zeus are getting along great. We feel truly blessed to have 2 of these magnificent creatures in our lives......
Tony & Alexis Mazotti


Baden Dano belongs to Michael, Olga and Jacobo Wax, Salinas, USA

Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful dog into our lives. He is an absolute joy. He arrived safely last Saturday and I was very impressed with how easily we were able to retrieve him. All of the paperwork was in order and there were no difficulties whatsoever." Dano ", as my son has named him, has a wonderful sweet personality and is very gentle. To avoid any accidents in the house, he and I have been "camping out" in the barn while he learns where to use the bathroom. My big brave Boerboel, when the lights turn off at night, he has to be right with me on my pallet instead of on his bed. It wouldn't be so bad but he insists on laying on top of my head. Uncomfortable at thirty pounds, I can only imagine at 100+. We are definitely going to have to break this habit and a few others. I constantly have to remind my wife and myself that while it may be cute now...We have had some nice adventures already. Yesterday, at the river, poor Dano got pinched on the nose by a good size crawfish. He recovered quickly and impressed us all with some swimming. His short coat is great in that he dried off very quickly and we easily spotted and removed a couple of deer ticks that were trying to get at him.He is obviously very intelligent and is learning fast. He is stubborn when it comes to using a leash but we are making progress. He has met some other dogs and was very well-mannered, not so when he saw the dog in the mirror. Very interesting to see how threatening a small pup can be. This is one of the important reasons that we chose to bring a Boerboel into our home. Salinas, the area that we live in is best known for its rodeo, one of the biggest in the US, and for its agriculture. ............... Although we are in a rural area away from town, one can never be certain. As my work takes me away from home at times, it will be very nice to know that my family is well protected.
Thank you very much for doing what you do for this magnificent breed.
Best wishes,
Michael, Olga and Jacobo Wax

Baden Zulu belongs to John Sebring of the USA

Hi Attie,
I am not breeding with Zulu. I have a spayed female, I bought her with intentions of breeding but decided breeding wasn't what I wanted to do. I would love to stud him but there is nobody around my area that seems to be interested. He is in great shape and his temperment is awesome. He Penn Hipped at .52 and .57, weighs 129 pounds, is stable but yet a fierce protector. Thanks again for the great dog, he has exceeded all of my expectations.
Keep well,


Baden Giles belongs to Jay and jasmine Ragiles of Seattle, USA


Thank you for our wonderful addition to our family. I am so fortunate to be an owner to one of your boerboel. Giles is doing fine, he is quite the ham. He's been getting along very well since his arrival. We plan to have Baden Java and Baden Giles unite sometime soon, should be a very interesting meet.
Well, thank you again Attie for our wonderful Giles - we'll be sure to be in touch.



Baden Pumbaa belongs to Eric Holloway of the USA

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how Pumbaa is doing. (brown male top right) He turned 6 months old on the 3rd and he weighed a lean 82 lbs. The Vet was very happy with his progress. Is 82 lbs at six months big? He is doing well with obedience training. We are going to show him in October and again in Dec. The October show is an International All Breed Canine Association event and the Dec. show is an American Rare Breed Association event. As you can see from the photos he is doing very well.........
We are very pleased with him. Thanks again Attie!

Take Care

Baden Pumbaa is the brown male top right.
Baden Nanu belongs to Mar Michon of Holland

Hi Attie,
Today there was a young dog show for pups to 15 month, without competitio.
A friend of us ask the people of this show ""can the boerboels of my friend come"" and they like it, it was verry nice because the BB is not accept by the UCI this moment and not alaud on the normal shows here.
The jugde read the whole week the all the things of Boerboels even the SABT ras points, so he make a good job today,ha ha ha.
It was a great succes because only a few people know the BB.
And Nanu he was the big guy, he is so lovely Attie, he was the eyemaker this day, his character is so fantastic he likes all dogs people birds little childs, I think his live is only fun, jump in baby carriage for give the little child a big kiss, she was 4 month old the parents were compleet in love of him.

His weight was "30" days ago 46 kilo, and he is so strong he gives me realy muscles, specialy today because I was there with all three BB Mchoemba is almost one year and Sorcha is 2 weeks older than Nanu. They only want to play, but they all learn a lot of the pupcurses, and they show themself verry good. The big succes today was that people saw the good lovely character of the Boerboels, specialy of a male like Nanu.
Bye ,Mar
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