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Baden Boerboels has exported many puppies Internationaly. View some of our exported pups and read what their
new owners had to say below.

Baden Zeus belongs to Alexis and Tony

Hi Attie! Finally, some pictures of Zeus for your
website. The picture of him with the stick in his
mouth was taken at 4 months old. The flower picture
was taken at 15 months. We can't go anywhere without
people saying how beautiful he's like
traveling with a celebrity! And we cannot thank you
enough for Zeus. He is our whole world. We both get
pleasure everyday from the little goofy things that he
does. He is going to need a brother or sister soon so
I know that you will be hearing from us! Thanks again
Tony Mazotti & Alexis Lesnansky
Albuquerque, NM


Baden Blue belongs to Carl Reinhardt, Cameroon, Central Africa.

Hello Attie,
Just wanted to keep you updated on the development of Baden Blue. He is growing in leaps and bounds. He a wonderful temperament and loves being with people. Blue is now completely house trained and is in obedience school for one hour, five days a week. Blue can now understand and follow
commands like: sit, stay, down, don't touch, no, and come here. He is a real pleasure here in Cameroon.

Thank you

Carl Reinhardt


The older dog is Baden Anges that belongs to Dieneke and Carl van Duinen and the puppy Baden Ozzy belongs to Bart and Wieb Franke of the Netherlands

Attie, I saw that Whisper got 85%.(Baden Whisper achieved the highest points for a female in the UK 2003) An honest judge. Who are her parents.
We had Bart and the beast Ozzy(Grumpy) here on monday.
.............. We where so glad to see that Angus is a beautifull dog with a Golden Character.
He is very sweet and very gentle with the puppy.(Also with children)
Ozzy is a real little beast. He made us realise that in time we definitly want another baby (female )But will talk about that in november.
I am going to an African day on saturday.
TheSouth African community is having a braai, testing of African wines etc etc I was invited by my ex- sister in law.
Will come back with lots of new ideas I hope.

Love Dieneke

Ozzy and the Franke family

Baden Major and Baden Buhda shipped to Clay Harrison and Shawn Jacobs.

Hello Attie,
I am happy to report that Major is settling into his new home and making friends with Sarge. We've just returned from my vet who weighed Major in at 30.5 pounds and gave him an excellent report of health. Any reservations that I might have felt about buying a pup from over seas have been dispelled by my experience with you. Thanks so much for this beautiful dog! I can certainly see Madala in him.
Shawn Jacob's pup, Buhda, is a gorgeous dog as well. We had a great conversation at the cargo service company and agreed on our mutual satisfaction in buying from Baden Boerboels. Attached you'll find a few pictures taken only moments after the pups were released from their carriers. I'm wearing the ball cap and holding Major; Shawn sits opposite with his Buhda.
I'll be in touch. Thanks again!
clay harrison
Athens, Georgia

Baden Blue was shipped to Carl Reinhardt of Douala, Bonanjo, CAMEROON

Hello Attie,

The pup showed up on Friday....He is really in good shape and has a wonderful personality ..........

Carl Reinhardt


Baden Ozzy shipped to Bart en Wieb Franke of the Netherlands

Hi Atti,

We received Grumpy(Ozzy) today at Schiphol Airport,He was in a very good condition.He is already rebuilding our house!!!
It was a very exiting day today,we didn't sleep all night!!!
Here are already some pictures,Many thanks for taken such good care of our new housemate!! We will keep you informed.

Greetings from the Netherlands,Bart, Wieb and Grumpy(Ozzy)

Ozzy on his way from the Airport to his new home.

Baden Zulu belongs to John Sebring of Lewisto, New York

Hello Attie,
How are you? I just came from a dog show given by Molosser stock. It was all big dogs and I brought Zulu for exposure. I saw 4 other boerboel, 3 puppies and a 3 year old bitch. Alot of people inquired as to where I got my dog and who from. They were all familiar with your website, some claimed to know you, and they all knew who Madala was. I told them how easy it was to import from Baden and could not sing enough praises about you, and your operation. I gave you nothing but the highest regards. Most people seem weary about purchasing a dog sight unseen, I did my best to make them feel comfortable.

Zulu at 9 months

Baden Tugboat belongs to Jason and Molly Mackey of Dallas, USA

Hope that all is well in SA. Things here in Dallas are great, Tugboat is growing into quite a dog. We could not be more proud of his looks or his personality. He is about 11 months old now and growing a little more every day. He is about 27.5 inches tall at his shoulder and 140 lbs.

Take Care,
Jason, Molly and Tugboat


Baden Sid belongs to Stephanie Slater of NY, USA

Steph and I have a ralationship that is very special - that is why she calls me "Dad"

"Hi Dad, Here are just a few of the new photos I took of my favorite boy .. I am going to be making a website and adding the rest to it .. The slides in the photos are only a few of the things this young man likes to clime on.. I think maybe he is part mountain lion the way he likes by his climbing habits ..... Well I hope you enjoy the pictures of my baby.. He really is the love of my life..
Love, Steph"


Baden Bell belongs to John and Sonya Worden of Averill Park, USA.

'Dear Attie,
Here are some of the pictures of Bell. She has been a great dog already. Bell is everything I've heard a Boerboel should be, she is great with kids, people and other animals. .........................
Attie, thank you again for breeding such great dogs. We are glad we have a Boerboel and look forward to getting a male. We love dogs and have searched for what we felt was the ultimate dog - large, healthy, friendly yet protective, smart and good with kids. Everyone thought it was not possible to fill such a tall order. The Boerboel ended our search, to us they are the ultimate dog. Bell is everything we wanted, thanks.

Best Regards
John and Sonya Worden - Thanks!


Puppy's name: Baden Zulu

Puppy shipped to John Sebring of Lewiston, New York

Hello Attie,
How are you? Zulu is doing exceptionally well. He is fully house trained, and has already completed a full month of obediance training. He's walking on the lead, healing, sitting, and laying down with both verbal commands and hand signals. We still have a long way to go, but we are having a lot of fun. This is the fourth boerboel the teacher has worked with, he has two of his own. I am thoroughly pleased with the quality of both the dog and the fashion in which you handle your business. You are a gentleman and a scholar. Your website is great, I'm on all the time studying to learn more about this wonderful breed. Thank you not only for the beautiful dog, but for answering my questions whenever I have them.

Before and after one year running in the snow
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