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Baden Boerboels has exported many puppies Internationaly. View some of our exported pups and read what their
new owners had to say below.

Puppy's name: Baden Ariel
Puppy was shipped to Ernie and Monique Molina of Glendale, Arizona

We've been SO busy with wrestling season beginning for Ernie. Ariel is wonderful. She is VERY smart and affectionate all at once. She is DEFINITELY in the toddler-stage; into everything, testing the boundaries, etc. She is a joy and would definitely invest in a male when the time seems right. She loves our children and is the apple of Ernie's eye. I will try and send pictures your way soon!

Ernie and Monique
"P.S. Ernie wanted me to add that she is 80 lbs. at 6 months and loves her "daddy!"


Puppy's name: Baden Pumba

Puppy was shipped to Victoria Su of Denver

"Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to send an e-mail to let you know that we have an addition to our family. We received him Saturday, February 7th. He was shipped from South Africa and is from Baden Boerboels. A big thank you to everyone who
helped us decide to get him from Baden Boerboels. We are delighted with him. He is incredibly sweet, alert, and smart. We have decided to name him Pumba, as in Timon and Pumba, from the Lion King. We hope you are all doing
well. Take care!!!
Calvin and Victoria Yiu"


Puppy's name : Baden Remy

Puppy was shipped to Lorne Durham, Washington

"Hi Attie,
I receive my pup today in good condition ( little smelly). She looks great with the attitude to match, within twenty minutes after getting her home we were playing tug-o-war. She is a beautiful boerboel and I am please with her ( it take alot for me to say that). I thank you for help in choosing her and thanks for being kind and pateince in dealing with me.
She is asleep now and sleeping deeply I might add. Attie thanks again,you have please me for the second time around,for that I am grateful. You are a true (BLUE BLOODED)breeder.

Your Friend, Lorne"

Boerboel puppy

Puppy's name: Baden Lola

Puppy was shipped to Michael Gunst, Brussels
"YOUR A wonderfull person you shipped me the dog as promised, she's a real beauty. i'll post you some pics today.
Friendly greatings to a great BB lover.
One year later

Boerboel puppy

Puppy's name: - Baden Rocky

Puppy was shipped to Steve and Michelle Rius,Washington

"Good Morning,

He is beautifull, and bigger than we thought....we love him. Steve said he took to him fast when he picked him up at the airport. And when they got home he gave me lots of kisses and we came to realize that he likes to watch tv. We decided to name him Rocky. Thank you again for everything, You have been really great with us.....

Thank you,
Steve & Michelle"

boerboel Rocky

Puppy's name: - Baden Marshall

Puppy was shipped to Stan Jones, Atlanta, USA

"........he's quite the character!! and thanks once again for a magnificent,exurberant, healthy, excellent temperament, athletic, quick, intelligent puppy."


boerboel Salsa

Puppy's name: Baden Ali

Puppy was shipped to Cassius H Gray, San F

Hi Attie

Just wanted to let you know that Ali scored 86.0 at the West Coast SABT appraisal in California. The judges were very impressed. Thanks again for sending such a beautiful Boerboel.


Cassius and puppsboerboel Ali

Puppy's Name: Baden Aiko

Puppy was shipped to Tom Chappuis, Sharon near Boston

Hello Attie,
It was a pleasure to do business with you. I am by nature a
cautious person. I do a lot of business with companies outside the US. Never have I done business with an individual based on just telephone calls and e-mails. I am glad that there are still honest people left in this world.
The puppy is doing fine. Today she will meet the Rhodesian
Ridgeback. I realize that if you had to listen to updates on all puppies you have sold you would be reading e-mails for two hours per night. But I will keep you updated from time to time.
If you ever need a reference for any prospective buyer, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am very impressed with the quality of the puppy, also with your level of professionalism.Thank you Attie and I do hope some day to see your country.

Thanks, Tom

Tom puppy

Puppy's Name: Baden Zhenga shipped to Jackie K. Cooper of Tarpon Springs, Florida 34689 USA with Zhenga ...........I can't thank you enough for bringing Zhenga into our lives! She is such a joy!.

Take care -



Puppy's name: Baden Zandi
Puppy sold to Gert and Elmare de Bruyn

"Despite a big kiss from Lindie Briel, Zandi managed to maintain her composure while the East Rand Boerboel Club celebrated National Boerboel Day at Presidents Park on Saturday ..... she is already a star"


Puppy's Name: Baden Sauvo

Attie, This is Sauvo at 7 months and 1 Week old. We just weiged him 108 LBS. He has been a great dog and beautiful confirmation. His temperament is great, he is great with hids and other animals. Everything you said about these dogs is true and more, I will never own another breed. They are very behaved but extremely strong and agile. I want to get a female next summer for breeding. Thanks for the great service I will always be grateful.
Best Regards, Rick Esparza, California USA

Puppy's name: Baden Autzen sold to Matt and Meghan Schreiner of Newberg, Oregon 97132, USA
Hi Attie,
Autzen is doing great. Here he is with me a couple days before Christmas at 4 months old. He insists on being wherever we are in the house and makes himself at home on any of our guests laps when they sit (with varied success). He loves attention from any of our friends but posses an amazing protective instinct. He knows who to welcome enthusiastically and to sit by our side and watch when strangers are at the door. He even tries to protect our 90lb Shepard/Akita at the dog park when dogs try to play too rough with her. It's a comical battle every night trying and get him to sleep in his own bed. He creeps into our bed a couple times every night, but at 40 clumsy puppy pounds,
we tend to catch him for the most part. If anyone from the Oregon/Washington area is ever interested in seeing one of your Boerboels, don't hesitate to give them my email address:
Thanks again Attie,
Sincerely, Matt & Meghan Schreiner

Puppy's name: Baden Angus

Puppy is owened by Dieneke van Duinen of the Netherlands: here is what Dieneke has to say:

"Ook met Amanda. Volgens haar hoeft ze geen man want ze heeft haar grote vriend gevonden......"

Translated into English:

"Also with Amanda. Accordind to her she found a great friend....."


Puppy's name: Baden Vodka - Shipped to Luis Cabral of Portugal

Hi Attie,

You were right, I have already Vodka here with me! I'm very happy I must confess that I was afraid that she does not be what I imagine, but she is a beauty, thanks for everything, like I said I hope this will be the first of many "business" between us.

I will make sure that your name be always mentioned when people speak of my dogs!

Please keep in touch and once again thanks for all

Luis Cabral


Puppy's name: Baden Kaya


As promised, here's a picture of Kaya at 5 months.
I'm glad I trusted my instincts and went ahead and
picked her. She's the joy of my day. I may be
interested in getting her a playmate soon. I'll keep
you posted of her development.

Keith Jackson
Los Angeles, CA

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