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Baden Boerboels has exported many puppies Internationaly. View some of our exported pups and read what their
new owners had to say below.

Puppy's name: Baden Kaya


As promised, here's a picture of Kaya at 5 months.
I'm glad I trusted my instincts and went ahead and
picked her. She's the joy of my day. I may be
interested in getting her a playmate soon. I'll keep
you posted of her development.

Keith Jackson
Los Angeles, CA


Puppy's Name: Baden Bo - shipped to Scott and Kerri Thomas of Alpine, California

"We got our pup "Bo" at 10 weeks old from Attie. He made the entire process of importing him a pleasant experience.
We are very pleased with Bo. He has been a very alert pup since we
received him and now at 5 months old his protective instincts are starting to show. He is a good family pet and has a lot of personality. Bo is a true joy to have in our home."


Puppy's name: Baden Zanta - shipped to Gerry Perna, New Jersey, USA

The puppy is fine. She is very playfull. She loves the cat, possibly
because they are of the same size. She also gets along well with my older Rottie. She has already become a lap dog, preferably my lap. As soon as she lays on me, she will go to sleep. She is sweet, thank you for sending her.



Puppy's name: Baden Salsa - shipped to , Monique Watkins
Ashburn, Washington, USA

Attie, hardstikke bedankt! Je hebt een geweldige pup voor me uitgekozen!
Salsa rules!! ;D

veel liefs,


Puppy's name: Baden Nala - shipped to the The Flaherty Family in Boston, USA

Dear Attie,
How are you? Nala is doing great , she is a BEAUTIFUL pup .. were so glad to have her .. we sent you a pic of her from my friends digital camera .. from left to right is my mother .. ( mary ) my father ( bob ) .. Nala .. Bridget ( me ) and my friend emily .. we will have some more pictures soon ..
The Flahertys and Nala & Thunder

Puppy's name: Baden Flic - shipped to Marco Beaudry in Canada
" Like i already said, Flic is one the most beautiful BB i have seen, i love him so much."....

Puppy's name: Baden Bosun - shipped to Buzz Williams and Sally of Miami

"Your Boerboel puppy arrived in fine shape. He is a sweet, friendly creature and has captured my heart. We have decided to name him Bosun.
He is already so massive - at least compared to the American Bulldog puppy we got in June. She's three weeks older than he, stands about as tall, but looks petite in contrast.
I am looking forward to watching him grow and to having him become invaluable to us.
Thank you for all the good care you took in raising him. - Sally"


Puppy's name: Baden Koa - shipped to Eileen Weatherbee of Chesapeake, VA. USA

Hello Attie,
" Thank you again for your expertise in choosing Koa. I believe he has the perfect temperment for Shutzhund or any other sport we may decide to participate in. Of course the most important thing is that he is a perfect family companion.
Take care.


Puppy's name: Baden Claire - shipped to Richard Murray in Racine, Wisconsin, USA

Hi Attie,
We named our pup Baden Claire........Everyone comments on how beautiful she is. Were glad we went with you Attie and would recommend others who are interested
Thank you


Puppy's name: Baden Kiara - shipped to Denish Ramnarayan in Durban, South Africa

Hi Attie

I am happy to report that the pup I received from you (Kiara) is doing very well. She is extremely muscular for such a young puppy. This is my third boerboel and I am sure that she has better muscle development than my first two males at the same age.
Attie you are doing a wonderful job in selcting and breeding, as I have seen this in the quality of pup you have given me.
Kiara is a little spoilt as she gets a bit of preferential treatment from my wife.


Puppy's name: Baden Kubla- shipped to Addy Fairfield in Durban, South Africa

Hi Attie,
A picture of the new family member named Baden Kubla, a few days after his arrival.. As you can see he is already cooking up a storm. He is lovely, huge and settling in very well. Kubla's flight to us went well thanks to all the planning on your side. You can be proud of your professional approach. Thanks once again Attie. It's a pleasure doing business with you.
Andy Fairfield
Kwa-Zulu Natal


Puppy's name: Baden Kato - shipped to Mike and Aimee Rizza of Suffern, NY, USA

Hi Attie. We wanted to let you know everything went well. The puppy is home and quite well adjusted. He had some trouble the first day, I think he missed he brothers and sisters. He wants very badly to be friends with our cats, they are still trying to get used to him. He's very well behaved and already doing his best not to have accidents in the house. We love him already. He is
beautiful!!! We will keep you up to date on his progress. Thank you again for your professionalism and honesty. It has been a pleasure to do business with you.
Keep well.


Puppy's name: Baden Whiskey- shipped to Steven and Skye Ross of La Jolla, California, USA

"the pup made it to us last evening. he's a fine
looking fellow with a very pleasant demeanor. we
thank you very much and please don't hesitate to
use us as a reference if needed.
thanks again
steven and skye ross"


Puppy's name: Baden Zimba - shipped to Lim Chuan, Penang, Malaysia...

Hi Attie,
Here,s the picture of Baden Zimba.
He,s doing really fine with us.When he arrived one month back he weighed 16 Kgs.Now he is at 30 kg.s.You can post his pics.on your website.He is beginning to show his guarding instincts already.I think he will grow up to be a good guarding companion.Thanks, Attie for your help in choosing the best for me.


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